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In the last two years hes fought GGG twice, Jacobs, and now hes moving up two divisions to fight Kovalev... Why are we talking about who he is ducking when he has a major legit fight lined? Two years ago the narrative from you guys wouldve been that he wouldn't fight those guys in a million years, now that he has and is its about how he benefits from having the kind of backing every fighter on earth wants and none would dream of turning down. It seems to be at a point where just being impartial and stating the facts without caring about the guy personally is considered “nuthugging”... Quite odd.
I’ve explained this so many times. He does have a good resume, but as a cash cow, you get to pick and choose who you fight and at what time. You pick low risk high reward fights. Also, when judges are in your pocket, you have less to worry about.

Canelo is a good fighter, but I would far and away rather him clean out the middleweight division than to jump around weight classes so that he can pick and choose who he wants to face. That is the easier route. It’s much harder to clean out a division.

There's nothing but pure truth and logic in this post, @powerpuncher

I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish with that.