Usyk his team and Eddie were adamant his next fight is for the WBO title. There's zero chance the winner of Ruiz-Joshua will face him next, so that belt will be vacated. Looking at the WBO rankings Parker is next in line, which probably explains the "spider bite" pull out against Chisora, which will be a cracking matchup/test.

Anyway... who beats him?

Wilder can iron anyone he hits, however, the skill level is almost embarrassing, if he lands an atomic windmill good luck to him. I can't envisage Buster winning a round (punching with Usyk won't work and he'll never be in a position to land anything). Joshua? Power/size chance, however, if he doesn't win early his stamina will become a huge factor. Fury? That lot make him look like Sweet Pea, however, his own lack of power will be a factor and he'll hate being constantly peppered.