And I do not have an issue with disabled people. In terms of physical disability bad things happen and why would I have an issue with that? I just took issue with you once declaring that Alan, an illegal immigrant with no legs having illegally crossed railway limes in front of a train could make a good teacher. The main reason being that teaching is a very physical job and it would be difficult to navigate bags and chairs and we have no idea what his intelligence level even is. Not everyone can be a teacher. Is it Alan? I have a friend out for a term having broken a leg. He cannot physically do it.

Or is it mental illness? Granted I have mocked you a bit as your game is mockery and condescension in general. And yes, I teased Greta and her expressions. However, I don't doubt that she is sometimes a cheery person not contemplating mass extinction. I read extensively about mental illness and am more compassionate than you think.

However, I am not beyond online mockery. It is no different to you mocking baldness or obesity or my own problems. You don't really know me in person, Beanz and so you have a perception that is what you want it to be. I think many of us build up a perception without knowing a person. Thus I end up being a 'sociopath' when anybody who knows me would find that bizarre.

So, yeah, if you want to continue with the 'baddie' thing then start a thread on it. You can insult as much as you like without ruining the forum on a private board.