I trained at an amateur boxing gym for 5 years.

I had seven years off, I’ve been back into it for about 4 months.

I filmed this sparring session when I was back into it after a couple of weeks, at the time I was quite pleased with how it went considering I’d had about 7 years off;

I then did a bag workout with my friend who said I looked like #%*# on the bag. This is what I looked like on the bag;

Not to get the issue confused, I’m not a prospect or anything, I’m only working out for my own general sense of health and fitness.

Under the circumstances I would expect to look like someone who has been boxing for about a year and I thought I was sparring at about that level in the gym.

My question is does my bag work really look that bad. I’ve always seen boxing as a skill that takes years and years to master. Also at my old gym, the goal of bagwork was to pummel the bag, it was usually done amongst other exercises like burpees, Sit ups and press ups.

Technique work was done on the mitts, partner drills, sparring and shadow boxing.

My general question is has the way I’ve been training been that abnormal and how should I get the most out of my bag workouts?