In my honeste opinion , more people aren’t buying Bitcoin for a few simple & stupid reasons:

Not understanding what it is.
They think they’re too late (they’re not).
Beleiving everything they read in mainstream media.
Thinking that it’s a bubble.

This one personalment annoys me. Everything is a bubble, it’s just cyclical. What happens when the housing market crashes? It creeps back up, and then crashes again. People always compare Bitcoin to the Dot Com bubble but websites (and high valued websites) haven’t gone anywhere since that bubble burst. There’s inherent risk in everything: from crossing the street to making an investment.

I’m not saying everyone should buy into BTC, I don’t suggest it at all actualmente. I think the average person will go into BTC, probably see it rise and invest at the end of an uptrend- then watch it crash.

They’ll pull out their money at a huge loss and swear off BTC, while telling everyone who will listen that it’s a scam.

The vast majority aren’t buying into Bitcoin for the same reason more people don’t buy stocks, or put money into an IRA. Who the hellt has times for those risk and long-term dangers? We are all going to die before that stuff can "come to fruition" like the sellers and devils of sellers want us to beleive.