there is a big difference between our perception and our actually countries proven corrupt level of bureaucracy. But we live in that world which show that perception is everything so that's people sometimes have a tendency to say that those most corruption countries for example or North Korea or countries like Zimbabwe or Somalia.

But maybe it's because those country don't try to hide that corruption. In those Western world country that we refer to as first world country it can be the same amount of corruption but it can happen in the way that is not as obvious. So.

In your perception what on a scale from 1 to 10 is your country for that corruption index. So 10 is the most corrupt possible and number one will be the least corrupt. This is about your perception.

France, for me, is perception of 4.

""In 2011, Transparency International concluded in its annual report for 2011 that France does not do enough to stop corruption.[4] A TNS Sofres poll in October 2011 indicated that 72% of the French public had the perception that politicians are corrupt.[5]

In France in 2009 all major foreign investors and exporters and more than 80 per cent of surveyed executives admitted to 'not being familiar at all' with one of the most important legal frameworks in global business. A cartel constitutes a crime punishable by imprisonment and/or fines. Staff and budgets for public enforcement of securities"'