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Thread: Last TV show/Box Set you watched? (Flag spoilers)


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    Default Re: Last TV show/Box Set you watched? (Flag spoilers)

    Top Boy - watched it over the past couple of weeks, liked it because of where it was set (London shithole council estates), however, found it hard to have sympathy with the characters, especially season 3. I hated everyone apart from Sully (and the genuine innocent). And I don't want to make a political point but it's not a coincidence that season 3, after a decade gap in this current climate, portrays all the black single mothers as angels, the drug dealer loving dads/guardians as "hustling a living" whilst white people are to blame for everything and untrustworthy devils (even the poor skagheads were wronguns). And all whites outside London are racist as hell. Good stuff though.
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