For me, I thought Kovalev fought a weird fight almost as though he was scared of exchanging. Maybe the last fight was a nightmare round too soon or something, but I thought on the whole he implemented a fair tactical approach by keeping distance and trying to win by utilizing his range. For long stretches it worked. Canelo was inactive and at half way was 5-1 down and many online seem to agree.

It did tighten after, but both fighters had their moments. Kovalev refused to commit though and even with Canelo taking a break didn't try to hurt him. It was very strange, but in its own way an effective performance. However, by throwing so much and not causing damage due to even the jab being a touching one, Canelo was still alive. Thus Kov got sloppy and chinned. I think Canelo was a bit lucky tbh and if Kov had been more careful he would have still....been robbed on the cards.

I had it 7-3 Kovalev after the 10th. How did you have it?