Didn't see the fight..... probably won't watch it when it's available on replay either.

So congratulations to Canelo and his team for a result I and many others predicted and would've bet a hefty sum on.

Regardless of what I may think of Canelo's methodical career build-up, and the theatrical way in which he's been given every advantage that can be offered to a fighter, the fact is he got the job done inside the ring.

Didn't see the fight, so I'm not gonna pretend I can reach conclusions about Kovalev's readiness, just from the RBR accounts I've seen on the forum this morning.

All I know is that last bit about the rehydration clause added a bit more to the discontent of those of us who have never seen Canelo beat an elite fighter with no strings attached, be it catchweights, age differences, etc.

At the end of the day, he knocked out the "feared" Kovalev and now sits on the throne of boxing, which had been dusted off and prepared for Canelo since Day One.

It's not the result I wanted, but such is life and boxing. I accept that now Canelo is the "Face of Boxing", and from here on out I can envision Hollywood movies, new Mexican national holidays, and possible canonization.

So congratulations to Canelo for getting the job done. What he does from here on out is superfluous. He can go back down to 160..... he can fluctuate between 160 and 175, picking opponents at will...... whatever.

On another note, though...... I miss boxing's "olden days". Back when every fighter had to EARN his way to the top.

No silver spoons..... no pre-determined anointment..... maybe a bit less fawning over "matinee-idol" fighters by groveling networks shamelessly scrambling after ratings.

Less ridiculous shenanigans by the alphabet orgs making up belts to suit their favorite projects.... maybe a bit less outright blatant corrupt judging to favor those same anointed projects.

But I digress. The purpose of this thread is to congratulate Canelo, and we'll see what the future of boxing holds from here on out....... because I can see Canelo's model being used in the future for other "Chosen Ones."