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The problem with fighters of the decade kind of depends on their career arc. I think that Ward easily beats out Canelo for fighter of the decade other than the fact that he loses two years because of retirement .

Wards competition is at least on par with Canelo’s (with the exception of Floyd) and dominated way more. The only close fight he was in was the first Kovalev fight when Kovalev was considered by basically everybody in the top 3 p4p and potentially even #1. Then he wrecked him in their second fight.

Let’s compare:

Ward: Dominated Miranda, Kessler, Green, Bika, Abraham, Dawson, and Froch. He then had his whole promotional issue. He then beat some pretty good fighters after that (nobody great but no complete bums). Then he won a controversial decision against Kovalev then came back with vengeance and wrecked him (who again was arguably the best p4p fighter at the time if would have gotten the decision in the first fight).

Canelo: Starting from 2009, Canelo beat some decent fighters for a few years. Not awful competition but probably pretty equal to what award had after his promotional issue. He did pretty well but nothing to write home about. He was still a prospect. Then he fought a close/controversial decision against Trout, got shut out by Mayweather, beat a few other alright fighters, and won another close/controversial decision against Lara. Beat Cotto in a close decision (in a weight that Cotto did not at all belong in. Sorry, I had to say it). Beat a few other alright fighters. Got a gift draw against GGG, then won a pretty disputed decision against GGG (I won’t say robbery but most people had GGG winning or at least a draw). Beat Jacobs in a close decision. Knocked out Kovalev in a fight where most people thought he was losing.

Canelo definitely has more fights, but his wins weren’t anywhere near as dominant as Ward’s. I tried to be subjective, but other than Kovalev, there is no question who won any of Ward’s fights. You can give the excuse that he “cheats,” but we will just call it even with Canelo and his controversies.

If we are talking about the amount of fights and longevity, then Canelo wins. If we are talking about dominance over that time, Ward easily wins. Again, their resumes aren’t really much different in terms of toughness.
You convinced me. Outstanding stuff
Nice. That doesn’t happen too often. But now people are trying to convince us that Pacquiao is the fighter of the decade.