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'You Guys' are very odd. One of you makes a list of ten questions in one post, moans like an old woman about how they will not be answered, and then when they are, smart lad just reverts to ad hominem attacks and refuses to engage with any of the answers. I use the collective noun for 'your crew'. because that is exactly what it is. You jump to each others aid, speak on behalf of each other and all turn on anyone who dares stray from your group think narrative. It leaves everyone else on the forum as outsiders. What was a bunch of Saddos is now and has been for quite some time. Us and Them. The them are actually much larger in number and more reflective of the makeup of the forum, but we are all excluded from the non-boxing boards because of the stranglehold your clique has established. It has set the tone in which trolls like Alpha and Brock are welcomed as long as they repeat the broflake narrative and keep within the clearly marked lines. it has gone on for so long you do not even notice it.

In a thread about why an environmental activist is in America, you have dicks like Walrus chiming in, whinging about someone who is not American answering the question posed by the thread. That is not the same thing as being the dominant voices in a thread about the a future constitutional change that would change America irrevocably. Most Brits, myself included, would never be so arrogant and presumptuous. A thread about your President who also happens to be the leader of the free world is not the same thing at all, particularly when he himself is one of most powerful rouge actors from your rouge state now interfering in British elections and referendums, shielding American criminals from British Justice and threatening the very foundations of what makes Britain Great.

Childish shit posting is what it is. I disagree and it becomes

'He du nastiest person ever, my fwend said. And can't see how all the peoples here cry about his buwying nastiness ..'

How old are you Brock? 10?

Beanz you have lots of buttons

You wish. Seriously why on earth would someone be so invested like you guys in being desperate for someone to agree with them? You seem to think that me not being a robot is the same as being a big cry baby like you and your angry mates. Think about it. Are you seriously telling me that 'You Guys' are the not the angry ones BWAHAHAHAH!

Chill out man. Life is too short.
You have 0 self awareness it’s a bit scary. Do you really let your mind run wild when you read one sentence I write. Clearly you are insane

You are a hoot man. Sat there at your keyboard with your remote diagnosis of somebody you know nothing about, based purely on your own conceited conjecture and the illusion you wish to maintain to protect yourself from your own psychosis. Why else would you be so invested in this idea that anyone would give a single fuck about what you write? It is only your opinion. It really does not mean that much. Hilarious.