Gandalf you used my Mrs, our kids, her being disabled and my being autistic as a basis for a personal attack. And not for the first time. I gave you the opportunity to apologise and you double downed on it, repeating yourself.

Its not just out of order, its twisted and very revealing of your own issues. You should be long gone.

You never discussed the subject of the thread. In every post of mine I addressed the thread subject.

You have a long well documented history here of issues with disabled people, from the Paralympics to teachers in wheelchairs, issues with women and parents, issues with anyone you consider weird and beneath you for using their freedom of speech or right to protest or making their living in the creative industries

The Greta story is a perfect storm for you in which you have indulged your own sick resentment and tried to claim that her actions and those of anyone defending her is victimising middle aged white men.

That is truly mental.