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and am not circumcised but i certainly would never want to pretend it is not part of who i am.
Ah, penises.

In the spirit of joining in and sharing; I too am not circumcised, which means I have a layer of quite loose yet downy velvety skin sheathing my bell end. This sometimes causes problems when using urinals, as if the skin has got all accordioned, sometimes the piss squirts out at an unpredictable angle. I can play with the Old Chap, but not like an accordion, which is a different skill set entirely.

Besides that, the whole glans then sits on a nicely shaped penile column, which is very pleasing to the eye. I suspect it is average sized - because it is smaller than those club-like whoppers being brandished in those films that Master likes.

While it is not busy, it is somewhat shrunken and sits quietly, a bit like a prawn, though it is a very attractive cafe au lair colour. I have recently taken to giving the 'ole bush a trim every now and then, so the general area now looks somewhat more tended .... like a Japanese garden, rather than Captain Caveman.

When it is awake, it magically grows to tumescent proportions, poking out with a gentle and aesthetic upward curve. For amusement, it's possible to twang it downwards, so it elastically bounces back up and hits my lower stomach with a gentle thwack. A bit of advice here, O fellow Saddos, a quick reduction in pubic hair length magically gives the appearance of a larger Gentleman's Pole. Don't anybody say on here that X never gives useful life hints and tips.

So, joining in with the subject, which is much more interesting than some Swedish child, anybody else want to follow Beanz's example and move this thread on to describing their penises!

Lets make a resolution for the New Year ..... more dick discussions on here, methinks.