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I personally rank Pac higher based on actually taking on a lot more difficult fights and though losing some, winning most. I respect that more than cherry picking which Floyd did for a good decade. Plus we shouldn't kid ourselves that Floyd didn't arguably lose fights too. He was very lucky to get away with a few decisions.

Both excellent fighterss, but I prefer the man that fights anyone and I don't really consider their face off all that meaningful. I think Pac was genuinely injured and clearly not quite what he was 5 years previously. Sure Floyd is older, but Manny has a style that ages and to be fair he has lasted a long time with it by boxing more and fighting in spurts.

The man that fights anyone.?!

So pretty boy never existed?

How can you judge which fighter in history fought anyone..this is business..manny had to fight Marquez 3 times (or was it 4?!) and we all know how that ended.

Floyd fighting Marquez was one of his easiest fights..Floyd has the ability to adjust and make his opponent quit mentally and survive for the payday..imagine being caught with a pull counter everytime..makes you reluctant..very reluctant to make that mistake again.

Is Porter a better fighter than Spence because Porter isn’t afraid to fight everyone?!

I said both excellent fighters, but you whine 'rubbish'. That is the sign of a fanboy and when you bring in 'Pretty Boy' you add a curious homo eroticism. It is cute.

The Marquez comparison is lame. Marquez was flabby and cheated on at the scales. I cannot even believe you argue that as a meaningful comparison. And styles make fights anyway. It is why Pac destroyed prime Cotto, but Floyd struggled at times

Pac might have lost fights, but he did not avoid fights and I respect that more. It is as simple as that for me. I don't care about protecting an 0 in the pursuit of money.

Pac destroyed a prime Cotto?

So we aren’t going to talk about the weight clause with Cotto but we can with Marquez?!

Every fighter protects their record..why would you want to loose?

Is Calzaghe on this list of fighters wanting to protect their 0 or do the rules not apply to him?..did he fight everyone??
Nobody wants to lose, but there is less respect and dignity by cherry picking. People respect a loss or two if it was a genuine fight with best against best. Guerrero, Berto, Ortiz, some MMA bloke etc. Not the best fighting the best at all.