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Thread: I rate Erik Morales over Barrera and Marquez!

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    Default Re: I rate Erik Morales over Barrera and Marquez!

    Regardless of how anyone ranks these three, the truth is that those were all true warriors and boxers in the purest sense of the word. They all had losses at one time or another, and it didn't diminish their image or their career accomplishments. They all fought excellent opposition and.... (aside from a few absurd ducking claims that seem to follow every fighter because there is always somebody with a bone to pick).... they fought all comers. They fought each other and their fights were always competitive. They were also mostly gentlemen in and out of the ring. None of them incurred in catchweight bullshit, nor was any of them ever caught cheating. They all rose from the bottom like all great fighters do. None of them was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, pre-anointed to become great. None of them thought they were bigger than boxing. None of them had special belts made for them, or bogus titles to build them up. None of them had judges in their pockets so blatantly as to have it be an issue every time they got into the ring.

    I know some on here think of me as having an anti-Mexican boxing bias, and it's true that P.R.-Mexico showdowns in boxing usually get my adrenaline going pretty good. But the above is clear proof that I have no such bias at all. I just don't like the way part of the boxing landscape has shifted over the years.

    (My order is still Marquez, Barrera, Morales).

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    Default Re: I rate Erik Morales over Barrera and Marquez!

    I don’t really see Marquez, Morales and Barrera as in a different league to each other, more like different fighters with strengths and weaknesses who peaked at different times.

    The Barrera Vs Marquez fight happened right as the passing of the torch happened but I thought Barrera did enough even though hitting him when he was down was damn stupid.

    Barrera won the first and third Morales fights for me and beat Marquez so technically he has the best head to head ratio but then he did the worst against Pacquiao.
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    Default Re: I rate Erik Morales over Barrera and Marquez!

    Excellent last 2 posts. That's right, we all have our preferences, but they were all sublime fighters and against one another held their own. Shame we never saw Morales against Marquez though. MgjXFbc0u9YrZkuInoB

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