Fan film by me here;

People forget he was picked by 28 out of 30 fight writers going into the Barrera fight, he would also have been hugely favoured over Marquez if they had fought.

For me he is a figure who was probably over rated at the time of his peak and has since become under rated.

He didn't beat anyone in the P4P top 10 at the time of the fight but he head beat Tom Johnson who would probably have been ranked about 11-15 and Kevin Kelley and Vuyani Bungu who at the time would have probably been ranked about 16-20.

One of the most interesting and exciting styles of his era. On a personal level a total asshole though obviously.

How do you think he would have matched up with the fighters who he didn't face Marquez, Morrales and Pacquiao (came a couple of years later, narrow miss) and the best of this generation Lomachenko?