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Thread: KING VS KONG - Wilder vs Ortiz 2

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    Default Re: KING VS KONG - Wilder vs Ortiz 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Yuzo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by powerpuncher View Post
    It just seems crazy that he hasn’t fought one fighter that has a granite chin or someone who is a come forward fighter. I’m not saying that he would lose to any current fighters (although I’m sure that he will definitely run into someone who will spark him eventually), but he has never been tested with real pressure. His biggest tests were all against boxers.
    what do you think about adam kownacki?
    Not sure. He doesn’t look too impressive to me but he hasn’t really been tested either. I just don’t think he will become anything special.

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    Default Re: KING VS KONG - Wilder vs Ortiz 2

    Gotta give him credit, the ends justify the means

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    Default Re: KING VS KONG - Wilder vs Ortiz 2

    Wilder's power separates men from their sensation

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    Default Re: KING VS KONG - Wilder vs Ortiz 2

    I've never seen sweat react like that. The sweat shot off his head was so fast it evaporated in flight. The look on Ortiz's eyes on the floor, he was gone.

    That fight reminded me a lot of Foreman vs Moorer.

    Moorer was pretty much the aggressor all night, landing more significant punches. Foreman was not able to do much. Then BAM! One punch, Moorer is out.

    I wish people would stop pointing out limited technically Wilder is because first everyone complained about technical boxers being boring (Mayweather, Rigo, Loma) and wanted more knockout exciting fighters, now they get a Knockout exciting fighter and everyone's complaining that he isn't technical enough.

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