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Thread: Orthodox Jews murdered by 2 Black Hebrew Israelites in Jersey City NJ


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    Default Re: Orthodox Jews murdered by 2 Black Hebrew Israelites in Jersey City NJ

    Quote Originally Posted by Primo Carnera View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Denilson-The-Comeback View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    You are a freak Dennis. What kind of person even looks up bestiality? Oh, apparently white people....and deranged black people desperate to prove that some white people do strange things even though statistically black people are more likely to carry out violent crime.
    Another common tactic white supremacist use when they feel they're losing ground on one issue, they'll try another issue.

    So you go from sexual freaks to violent crime in the black community.

    OK. Let's talk about violent crime. You brought up the issue. Not me,

    You put forward you're evidence that black people are and have been the most violent race on earth over the past 400 years

    And I'll put my evidence that white people are and have been the most violent race on earth over the past 400 years

    And let's see who wins OK ?

    You being a member of the intellectually superior white race then this should be easy for you.......No ?
    @Denilson-The-Comeback, I’m not going to profess to having read this whole thread, not interested to be honest. But what I would say is , yes there are racists out here,and there are White Supremacists.
    However, I also feel that YOU are racist.
    Do you know what ? I probably am as well to some degree.
    The truth is that I think the World is full of racists of every colour , race or creed, and I don’t think it will ever be eradicated totally.
    The Human race when all said and done, is by and large a piece of shit.
    The difference is that some people are honest enough to admit it, and others play the victim ad infinitum.
    When you post about Boxing, some of your posts are ultra intelligent, you are not dumb by a very long chalk.
    But you like to give this impression of yourself that I think , is a bit of a smokescreen. Dunno why and it’s not really my business, but IMO you should stick to Boxing and forget about “White Supremacists.”
    Not being smarmy here or condescending, just think you’re contributions are more valuable when you’re talking Boxing .
    I am racist. I know this.

    The likes of @Gandalf and @TitoFan accuse me of this as if to "out me" or "smear me"

    But two things make it different.

    First, it goes in the opposite direction in that I favour blacks, not whites.

    Second, I am honest about being racist.

    And being honest about is the key.

    If a white man said "Look Man. Through out history, everyone has tried sh*tting and oppressing everyone, but now it's our turn and we've been better at it than you and other non white ppl and you'd be crazy if you think we'd wanna give all this sh*t up"

    That real talk because there is an element of truth to it

    But yeah I’ve seen in group preference from Italian men who idolize Italian women. I’ve seen it working in a restaurant where black guests asked for a black server so they could “keep the money in the good.” And of course I see this 24-7, 365, daily among whites that are almost unaware of their preference and bias.

    But racism is a power play and without power.

    So black racism is name calling really.

    Because name calling is really the only negative thing black ppl can do to white ppl and not be severely punished.

    So racial bias on the part of black folks, even the most viciousis pretty impotent.

    Even this guy

    He may hate white ppl and yet what kind of power does he have ? None. He's in a position to kill no one and if he were to try he would go to jail. Forever.

    That’s not racism. Racism is when you can deny people jobs, housing, health care, decent educations, or their physical freedom via the justice system, thereby wrecking their lives.

    And there are no black folks who can do any of that.

    But there are white folks in positions to do those things, and who do them 24-7, 365 to blk ppl

    And I mainly do want to stick to boxing topics, after all that's why I joined here. To be honest I'm not even sure having a section on saddo for non boxing topics is a good thing. If I was a mod I'd have strictly boxing topics and combat topics only.
    Last edited by Denilson-The-Comeback; 01-14-2020 at 04:07 PM.

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