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Thread: Orthodox Jews murdered by 2 Black Hebrew Israelites in Jersey City NJ


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    Default Re: Orthodox Jews murdered by 2 Black Hebrew Israelites in Jersey City NJ

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    Going on that criteria many white countries are occupied too, Dennis. The US has an empire. It occupies white, black, asian and arab spheres of the world.
    Yes because there is global system of white supremacy. So we agree

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    It does not care about race, it cares about control.
    The USA does not care about race ? I mean. This is the insanity I have to deal with. The USA was built on racism

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    It is not about the downtrodden black man.
    Yes black men are downtrodden because the system of white supremacy does that by default.

    You see you can talk about how great Asians are but you know this fact.

    Black men threaten white men in a way that Hispanic, Asian and Arab men don't.

    This fear is ancient and you can trace it to its origins in the first Indo-Aryan invasions of Black civilization. Once you understand the White man’s ancient fear and you began to understand why the economic, legal and political systems oppress Black men.

    • Is it because the Blackman built the world’s first civilizations?
    • Is it because the Blackman has surpassed White men in every field of human achievement?
    • Is it the Whiteman’s sexual inferiority complex they feel regarding the Black Man?

    Part of their fear of black men is that we are seen and thought of as so physical we can hurt them, in addition, what can we do to their women? This comes back to the physical; the potency the strength there. There is reason why white men used to chop of black men's penis and keep them as a trophy.

    That fear partly sexual goes back a long way, and that comes down to the fact that white men regard black men as better sexual performers than they are.

    They don't say this publicly, but they say, 'gee they're so natural' and they began to wonder. 'Our women could they not be attracted to that ?" and that drives them up the wall.

    Therefore all their efforts to de-man black men. In the past it was lynching, of course, but now they put blk men in cages, called prisons, again to de-male blk men. they can't call blk men 'boy' but they still do their to make sure black men don’t have jobs, make sure black men don't threaten them in other ways

    Black men are the only race of men to really go toe to toe against the white supremacist. There is no Asian or Hispanic, or Native American Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko

    Come to the Foundational black american conference on June 22

    That's if they let you in (lol)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    In other words you agree that East Asians do the best academically and thus punch above their weight

    Whites and delusional minorities are always claiming blacks should "work hard and stop looking for handouts" but when blacks achieve they are chomping at the bits to find reasons why blacks don’t deserve to sit at the table ?

    Which is it ?

    College admissions is nothing but game.

    It’s not just a cold statistical numbers score that lots of ppl naively think it is..

    They can and do say anything to black students "your application was late" "it got lost" "We don’t like your essay"............. ANYTHING.

    Our black ass is not getting in - No matter what.

    They reserve over 60% of seats for white students at most schools, graduate and undergraduate and then about 10-20% for asians and Indians.

    And even with all that whites cheat all the time

    This was a scandal were at least 33 affluent individuals, including television actors, corporate executives and bankers, allegedly engaged in crimes such as bribery and fraud in an effort to buy admission for their children into America's most prestigious universities. These included Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, Wake Forest and other schools.

    The ringleader and organizer was allegedly paid tens of millions of dollars to ensure admission for his clients' children. This involved bribing athletic coaches to secure a place at these elite schools for students who did not even play the sport in question. Standardized exams were altered, "corrected" and taken by people other than the students.

    If whites and Asians are so great then why the need to cheat ?

    They're letting dumb-ass white students in there all day because of their fathers or uncles. Most blacks applying could run circles around them academically but they would never ever be admitted.

    And this is what it really comes down to

    Black excellence.

    White supremacists must everyday say to themselves "Why can’t black people just die ?"

    "How is it possible they are still here ?"

    They never expected us to last this long and grow stronger despite all the drugs, war, molestation, guns, police brutality, AIDS, glass ceilings, minstrel shows/ media destruction/ music destruction, prison systems, killings of our boys and girls, poison water/ food supply, Katrina, Haiti.

    Were still here

    White supremacists are baffled at our resilience and cannot come to terms with it.

    So we are taking no one's spots trust me.

    You have a legacy and being a legacy only works if you have a trust fund and your parents have been donating a good % of their annual salary to the school or your dad holds political office or your parents are fortune 500 CEOs, COOs, CFOs or CAOs. Anyone else, it's still a crap shot.

    It might get your resume an extra 5 second glance but if they see average jobs and medium income zip-code on your application, you can forget about it.

    Blaming the handful of black people that get in is ridiculous. More Black Americans are becoming doctors (despite the obstacles set for black people) and non-blacks hate to see a black person who is superior to them in anything and become bitter and jealous.
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