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I don't know if it's just MSN.com, or if it's a widespread plague. But it's tough to turn on your computer nowadays and not get bombarded by idiotic headlines such as this. They want you to know everything you're doing wrong..... how to know you're going to die soon...... and what disgusting things you've been eating without knowing about it.

It used to be you could just avoid these tabloids when standing in line at the supermarket. They were there in front of your face, but you could just ignore them and choose not to read about the 3-headed Martian who had abducted a farmer's wife and impregnated her with his alien offspring. Now you turn on your computer to get some news, and this shit is tough to avoid.

I used to like MSN.com as my homepage.... but I'm about to switch for precisely that reason. I appreciate the convenience of having news, sports, politics, finances all on a user-friendly menu for browsing. But this tabloid shit has gotten out of hand. Most of this bait garbage is fatalistic and doomsday-ish. WTF, no wonder there are so many paranoid and screwed up people in the world.

I personally and seriously do not wish to read what I'm doing/eating/drinking or whatever.... that's gonna kill me in the next 5 years. I can't believe the amount of negative shit that is regularly spewed forth on what should be halfway credible news sites.

Then again, it's probably the law of supply and demand, which of course doesn't say much for the typical audience.