Yes, I know. You guys across the pond are going to stay up way past midnight in order to watch the Super Bowl.

Over here, it's one big party. It's one of these sporting events that has taken on a life of its own. Some people don't even watch football all year long, but make sure to tune in to the Super Bowl. It's an event that gets bigger and bigger each year, with each SB trying to outdo the previous one (sort of like the Olympics in that regard). The halftime show is an event onto itself.... and the reason some non-fans even bother tuning in. (Normally that's when I get up and go get more snacks and drinks. Except for this year, when Shakira and JLo will be performing and it's my red-blooded male duty to stay and watch ).

Most people you talk to here have grandiose plans. Full-out party with lots of people, including women and children, BBQ's, drinks coming out the ying-yang...... you name it. Either that, or many people converge at establishments that televise the game on all sorts of huge screens, whether they be bars, restaurants, or whatever. There's certainly no lack of places where to watch the Super Bowl. In fact, I saw on Facebook a gay bar in Minneapolis waiving their usual cover charge and offering free drinks for any patrons who'd like to watch the game there. It's just a HUGE DEAL.

Me? To me it's just a football game, albeit the championship game. It's an anticlimax to a season full of exciting games and an even more exciting playoffs during the past month. I normally enjoy the playoffs as much or more than the SB itself. During that time, the "casuals" (yeah... there's casuals in football too) aren't even aware of who's playing whom. I normally just get together with my brothers and maybe a couple of friends and just enjoy the game. Food and drinks are a must, of course, as Super Bowls always cause a huge craving for football-type food. But it's just to watch the game. No party.... no kids running around causing distractions.... no asking whether Michael Jordan is still playing (some of the female non-sports fans). Just some guys watching what is sadly the last pro football game until October. (The pre-season starts in September..... but I never watch that. Those are just glorified scrimmages).

So since I know you're all wondering..... ...... it's the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the San Francisco 49ers. I have no favorites here, other than to say I hope it's a good, competitive game.

Now I gotta go and start getting some munchies together.