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Thread: Canelo vs Saunders


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    Default Re: Canelo vs Saunders

    Canelo's probably gonna be calling a press conference to explain to the Coronavirus that he’s the A side and he fights on Cinco de Mayo whether the pandemic likes it or not. He was actually gonna fight the Coronavirus and save the world, but then he'll say it was asking for too much money, so he settled on Saunders.

    It’s an interesting fight whenever it happens. I don’t know if Saunders has the discipline to stay in top shape for a postponement, he’ll be eating deep fried roadkill the minute Davison’s back is turned.

    A feather-fisted runner more concerned with his escape route than actually dealing damage and even if does try and unload then he's doing it against and iron chinned opponent who has yet to taste the canvas. Expect a UD with a whole lot of crying afterward. Smith would have stayed in the center of the ring looking to throw heat. He would have come to fight and not run and stink up the joint like Saunders will.

    But BJS is like Fury in that he raises and lowers his levels according to the fighter. So I'd ignore his previous fights. I do think this is the trickiest fight that can be made for Canelo.

    For all the talk about Saunders being "slick" he get's hit a lot. He's not that elusive elite defensive fighter that people think. He has good legs but B and C class fighters land a lot on him and they don't have the hand speed, timing and accuracy that Canelo has.

    Saunders has never fought anyone like Canelo.

    Canelo has fought movers before.

    Canelo will come forward go to to the body, land clean punches and if Saunders runs just to survive and stay away from exchanges he'll be booed to the absolute max. If he actually comes to try to win and fights he'll get stopped.

    BJS will have to either invoke the spirit of Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson or transform himself into a Mike Tyson, Earnie Shavers, Julian Jackson, Gerald McClellan with a granite chin.

    What is most likely to transpire ?
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