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Thread: Ring Champion - New Boxing Game in Development


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    Default Ring Champion - New Boxing Game in Development

    Hi all!

    This is a post to let you boxing fans know that we are currently developing Ring Champion - a realistic boxing simulation for PC (Steam), XboxONE and PS4.

    So, a little about us: We are an Indie Development Studio based in Sheffield, England, coming from a very boxing rich environment! We also have the former British and European champion - Ryan Rhodes as our local technical boxing consultant.

    If you have any specific requests in terms of what you would like to see in your ideal boxing game, feel free to let us know! we will be releasing some footage and a trailer soon !.

    If you would like to keep up to date on progress, please follow our twitter account which has just been created, so will be posting some content in the coming weeks. Twitter: SteelCityInteractive

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