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One thing I did disagree with Fenster on was that Perez was 'robbed' against Jennings. It was a close fight, I had Jennings by a point, even scoring the last round 9-9.
I put quote marks around "robbed" to indicate it has been claimed he was robbed. It's a fight he could have got the nod. Just like you and Freedom believe the opposite about Povetkin-Hunter. Either way I accept the decisions in both fights - they were close which could have gone either way.
I agree that both fights had enough close rounds that they could have gone either way.

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For what it's worth I think Ortiz is still top ten easily. He's a skilled fighter.

The whole bogeyman thing is bit of a myth though isn't it? It was sort of born on the back of the Jennings win I think which was a good performance at the time but enough to instate someone as some sort of champion elect being swerved by every man and his dog?

Obviously he frightened the life out of Eddie Hearn who decided it was best to have Ortiz firmly in his back pocket to avoid having him undoubtedly knocking seven shades out of Joshua at the time. Far better to have Ortiz labour past Dave Allen......DAVE ALLEN!! Dave Allen of course who coming off a 'World class' win over Lucas Browne which bizarrely, allegedly put him within touching distance of a crack at a World title of sorts got completely outclassed and beaten to a pulp by David price.

Not to gloss over the good work he did with Wilder. He won the majority of the rounds they boxed. Is winning rounds against Wilder such a mean feat though? Do you have to be the cream of the crop to accomplish that?

Actually, it might be. People think just because Wilder is "boxing-challenged" that it doesn't take much to hang in there and win rounds against the man. Fury had the advantage of size, wile, and obvious boxing ability to beat Wilder. Very few other current heavyweights have all those tools in enough measure to do what Fury did. Ortiz was in fact winning his fights against Wilder. And not by running and staying away, but by boxing aggressively. So on balance I'd say yeah.... it might still be a pretty mean feat to win rounds against Wilder.
I don't think winning rounds against Wilder is such a mean feat. Ortiz did have Wilder on queer street tho and without the extra time he might have pulled off the win.