Primal Grow Pro Not only does this involve a different muscle group, but it now allows the upper part to rest, since your arms are folded above your elbows. The tension on the biceps is really reduced. Be aware of any tendency to move your elbows forward when you are lifting weights. Use any form of cheating, selectively expanding complex approaches from time to time, but do not do all your repetitions in this manner. The increase in weight over time for exercise is of tremendous importance for ideal results. But many people choose too heavy weight too early and make up for by reducing their range of motion. If your main task is to continue to increase weight, then there is a possibility that you can relate to such people. In your desire to quickly increase the load, you can easily sacrifice the range of motion, that is, you only perform partial repetitions, without stretching your biceps completely or without moving to the peak reduction point. But, working through the full range of movements, you will contribute to more significant muscle growth. The most common mistake is to bend your arms with a weight that is really hard for you. Often the eccentric movement stops with the arm fully extended - about 90 degrees of the elbow bend or slightly less. If your biceps are still strongly bent in the lower position, looking in the opposite direction, you will not go all the way to absolute expansion. If this is how you complete your bending of the arms, just lighten your weight and do your every repetition in a position where your arms are almost fully extended. Shortening the range of motion of any exercise, not just bending the arms, will limit your overall growth. Sometimes many bodybuilders train some muscle groups on the same day (biceps, back muscles). Most likely, you compiled the order of exercises in such a way that a large group of muscles works after a smaller one (biceps in front of the back).