Well most if not all places of worship near me have gone on the web or on the radio.

That being said as citizens of the United States we've got rights to Assemble and Worship freely regardless of our religious beliefs. And THAT said, we should all be smart during this time of a deadly virus, but of course when the government says it's going to 100% stop and enforce the stop of these things, that's where things can get hairy. That kind of crackdown clicks the button in the mind of a person who is just looking for the government to step over one of those Constitutional lines in the sand.

Florida is a crazy place, what can I say? I'd love to get back to Church myself, but I'm cool with taking a break as well. If not for MY safety then for the safety of the elderly and of course my own family. There's plenty of ways to worship or spread the word without going to church. In fact in times like this, surely our energies are best used at helping our friends, neighbors, and loved ones and supporting them through this trying time?

I get what you're saying, it ain't lost on me.