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Thread: When should you give up boxing?

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    Default When should you give up boxing?

    I woke one day to find I am old. I think it was always there, I just refused to admit it. As you go through stages of life, you look back and realize you played your last ball game years ago and never knew it would be the last time. You notice things are slowing up, and your not as steady on your feet as you once were. It becomes a battle to maintain any pretense of a work out. People tell you that you are to old to get into a ring and spar with a young student, even though the punches are pulled and scaled down. You finally admit it when you have to have your shoulder operated on for torn cuff and ripped muscle. Sleeping in a recliner for 5 weeks is not a good way to rest. People call you Sir, they open doors for you, you get telephone calls to check on your welfare as you began to spend more and more time at home. Your wife checks you at night to make sure you are still breathing. The old guys we made fun of in our youth because they did not know when to hang it up; one is now looking at you from a mirror. I remember the champion boxers I admired, for the most part, stayed longer in the ring then they should have. When should you step out? I really don't know..certainly in your late 30's and early 40's was a measurement someone way back when, came up with. Maybe it comes down to you sitting down and asking yourself, are you are taking pain medications for old injuries that have returned, do you have friends who are suggesting you ease up, and do you find yourself realizing you are the senior member of the gym. When I served with the U.S. Army in Korea, the Korean people believed that at age 65, you did not labor, and became a source of memories and advice for those in your village. I'm in my 70's with 80 close by. Maybe those Koreans knew something. Getting old is not the end of life. You just have to find other things to do, and give up things you know it's time to let go. I have a wife who has stood by me for 55 years, I am in good health, I have been involved in many activities and organizations, had and have a great family, and I do not want for anything. So, all in all, I won the biggest fight of all...the fight of life.
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    Default Re: When should you give up boxing?

    Don't give it up. You have too much to offer; I've been reading your posts for a long time and you have knowledge to pass on. Change the way you teach.
    When my urinary system collapsed and then I had heart surgery, I thought that I was done with boxing. I had always been very active in teaching, the way I did mitts and everything else.
    But when I couldn't move like I used to, and had time to think, I took my eyes off myself and became a much better teacher than I had been before.
    If you still love boxing, it will break your heart to walk away. Take a minute to reevaluate how you contribute and how you teach. Maybe you can't get in the ring and spar like you did, but you still know what you know. Sparring partners are easy to find but knowledge and experience that goes back 60 or 70 plus years is hard to find.

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