Reading this months fortune magazine and they have a list of 50 of the greatest designs of modern times. The iPhone is #1 on the list. Apple actually has 4 out of the 50 including the Macintosh, iPod, iOS itself and the Apple Watch. I notice some products on the list are truly listed solely on their design but the majority are the impact they had on the world. Shit excuse me Apple had 5 on the list they included the MacBook Pro. Googles search engine, google maps, the Apollo 11, the Polaroid sx-70, Tesla model S, post it notes, legos, Nokia 3210, wechat and obviously a bunch more shit also made the list. I know lists like this are debatable but it does seem logical to have these Apple products on it. Is Apple amongst the greatest companies of all time? Gotta be. They did completely change the way we interact, for better or worse