Look, you just saying things does not make them true. Hence your dirty underhanded gaslighting crap. No need to mention my name and i can assure you it just isn't going to work trying to dismiss me as mad. My first response was to say that I did not think calling Covid-19 the Wuhan Virus made someone a racist.

Simple. Uncomplicated.

That was just too much for you . It seems like always you had already made your mind up that I would be the first to call everyone a racist, and when that didn't happen the cognitive dissonance was enough to set you off on a three day vendetta.

Chill man. It is just a forum. We all have different opinions but most of us do not lose it simply because they are not shared by others. It is a stressful time for us all so I will try and factor that in but don't try and strong arm me from behind the safety of your keyboard , it doesn't do you any favours.