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Thread: Anybody doing volunteer work

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    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    I gotta say I was walking into work today and I heard a car beeping profusely. I figured it was one of the old residents but when I turned around it was a car with a couple females I didn’t know. They hopped out of the car grabbing bags of colorful shit. Anyway turns out they brought us all kinds of masks. They actually made them on one of those 3D printing machines. They have this space for replaceable filters. They are a little bulky and they make you look like Darth Vader but damn what a nice thing for these girls to do. Then they whipped out a large plastic bags full of cloth masks they sewed by hand. They just starting doing this and are going around to all the health centers and hospitals giving them away. They are very well made. Actually came at a good time as we were scrounging again. Sometimes these negative events bring out the good in people. If I gave you one of the cloth masks to hold you would see they put some time into it. And the 3D printed ones have two pieces that snap together and they are sturdy. These girls are making shitloads for hospitals and other such places and giving them away. They could be selling these things online. I’d put up pics for u but this antiquated site doesn’t mix well with iPhones. Now I’m going to be a dick and take a couple masks to bring home for my wife.
    what a waste, should have asked them to print guns

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    Charity .... when life gives you lemons, you make Yemen Aid

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    If God wanted us to be vegetarians, why are animals made of meat ?

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