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Thread: Tank-Teo-Haney-Garcia - Who comes out on top?


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    Default Tank-Teo-Haney-Garcia - Who comes out on top?

    This is the best little quartet/rivalry in boxing. Four unbeaten, fearless kids full of piss and spunk. I'd much prefer they start a little round robin type comp whilst Loma goes find someone else to fight (obviously that won't happen, they'll all swerve each other claiming "low ball" offers and "liar" promoters but hey, that's the modern era. Shame.).

    Based purely on their oppostion so far I rate them in this order:-

    1. Teo
    2. Tank
    3. Garcia
    4. Haney

    However, I think Haney might prove to be no.1. I thought Garcia was a hype job until recent times too but it appears not. I was surprised Teo ironed out Commey in such impressive fashion and Tank still hasn't morphed into a full blown Broner. Thankfully. For now.

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