The one thing missing from the "sport" of boxing.

Alphabet titles being controlled, necessary to the future of the "sport".

I dedicated my teenage and adult life to the boxing game, Some of you know me on here, but don't know the hours daily I put into the history of boxing, or maybe you do.

I stay off this site a lot because I need a month, or six, or a year to just look at what happens in boxing and I rarely give an opinion but when I do I like to make sure that it means something as opposed to just spewing out statements every single day and hoping it's listened to.

Something I have started to believe heavily is that we need an overall governing body, different titles within and a league system (maybe) and a system to make things 100% fact.

This is not something most agree with, but I open my thoughts for discussion.

Any oldtimers, I love you guys.