Floyd Mayweather had predicted that Manny Pacquiao will overtake him in the stakes of beating the most world champions during a career. At present, Mayweather has toppled 23 world champions during his career. At one point beating 16 in a row, also a record. But it’s the overall mark that Pacquiao, who defeated Keith Thurman to oust a 22nd career world title-holder last July, will ‘probably’ overhaul – according to the ‘Money’ Man. “See they say, ‘the great must fight the greats.’ Well, just look in the history books. You’ll see nobody beat more world champs than Floyd Mayweather,” he told “Even with that being said, Pacquiao eventually probably would (beat that record). But guess what, Pacquiao was a professional before me. “With everything he has accomplished. Hopefully, he’s made some smart investments.” Prior to facing Andre Berto in his ‘final professional bout’ in 2015, Mayweather stated his belief that his C.V. wouldn’t be appreciated until he was gone.

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