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Thread: Moments That Defined the Best/Worst In A Referee


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    Default Moments That Defined the Best/Worst In A Referee

    Over the years boxing brethren across the pond U.K. have stated that the ref for Katsidis vs Earl wasn't that great overall, but the moment Earl's team threw in the towel...and he didn't even look at it..eyes glued on the fight, bent down picked up the towel.
    And threw it OUT the ring.

    Cause I wasn't aware of the rules for that match I was do they say Godsmacked! Seconds later Earl drops Kat or at least bent his knees down to his damn ankles.

    That is one of my favorite moments of a referee doing a damn good job of knowing the rules, seeing the state of the beaten fighter...gave him some more and Graham for a few moments showed he was still in the fight.

    Dirrell vs Abraham, Lawrence Cole F'd that night up in more ways than one. Dirrell got dropped simple, he didn't call it. (1:07 into clip) I was around 8th row or so, and his team looked confused when that happened. Like a sigh of relief.
    So I type Lawrence Cole...and what followed? Worse ref compilation.

    'He told JMM he was ahead on the scorecards, really?

    I forgot about the lowblows Dirrell landed until rewatching this and I remember a fight almost broke out between Abe and Andre fans as a result.

    Way too many bad moments, but what about good, great or outstanding moments for a ref? has to be some!!

    Can't say I am too familiar with Johnny Callas, but man o man did he do the right thing for Angulo vs Kirkland!
    side note a guy I talked with some years ago, Referee Arazaino pointed out nuiances of a ref who not only should know signs of a hurt fighter, but a ref should be cognizant of where the cameras are..I remember telling him one time -when he reffed a fight with Jose Benavidez ..I almost never saw him -that's when he broke it down.

    My point? That is how Johnny Callas was ..well you could see him but from time to time he looked like he was stepping way away from the fighters, but I learned that he knew he needed to see the action, but also let the tv viewers see the action and not the ref!

    Kirkland is dropped Callas right on it, no time wasted. When he resumes action, notices how he almost runs back to let Angulo run forward LMAO!
    About 1:50 seems like the ref realizes he needs to see the action, but he knows he is in the way of cameras...again he backed out the scene!
    About 1:35 in- James takin a pounding...and the ref hollars out :You gotta show me something James.
    Again, around 1:20 told James I'm a have to stop it James.

    Brilliant shit -seems basic, but how often have we seen a quick stoppage WITH NO VOICE COMMANDS? Plenty for me. This was supposed to be home cooking for El Pero, but this ref was on his game, don't push! Watch your heads!

    Angulo goes down, James knows his neutral corner, so the ref again on his game counting- BUT just as with James....neither were fast counts of 3,4,5 but 3....4....5... Quick or slow just be consistent is my thing. Same cadence for both.

    1st 10 or 20 times I watched this fight I didn't know how vocal the ref was, but without the HBO telecast I honed it and heard this guy constantly reminding in the clinches "watch your heads."

    he didn't want this to go by way of a headbutt cut, stoppage.

    By 2:20 in 6...anytime was ok, every telecast wanted it stopped, but he gave him an xtra 10-20 seconds to respond--

    "Wonderful stoppage," noted HBO commentator Roy Jones Jr.. "A man's life was at stake.
    Sweet! He could have done a premature stoppage in favor of Angulo he didn't. He could have stopped it in the 5th- but Alfred would throw something to say he is still in it.

    Johnny Callas: Damn good job refereeing Kirkland-Angulo.
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