Any MMA fans know much about Cecil Peoples? He does a crane move before they fight and then dives on mofos when they lose...As Brocktonian Legend use to say buhwahahaahahaaaa!!!

This nut job landed on top of the winning fighter who in turn was on top of the losing fighter. 3 dudes stacked on top of one another, booty to dick x 3.

John Schorle
Todd Anderson
Jeff Malot
Jerin Valel (they say he str8 lets people get choked out & still wont stop)
kwiveso? some name I cant pronounce or spell stated he fails courses and tests yet still gets chosen
Mike England- St. Louis massacre's ref? They say he is always in botched affairs...he must be the Lawrence Cole of MMA?
Kim Winslow--17 unanswered blows...the winning dude said put this ref chick in with Chris Cyborg with a bad ref...and see how she likes it.
Mario Yamasaki-so Dana WHite got him banned? If, so, that is taking action.

This list has Steve Mazagotti #1. any one agree.. they say he does late stoppages, premature stoppages over penalizing under penalizing...damn. They showed a guy choke a man out...and got up himself, cause this ref wouldn't stop it.

Man, MMA ref's got it bad, so many things can go wrong...but this list claims Mazagotti has jacked up some of the greatest matchups ever.

From this little, those refs don't even look qualified.

Only one I know is from decades ago I think its Big John McCarthy? I'd imagine if he has some bad officiating, one has to take in stride how many fights he's done. I've seen him a lot late 90s early Y2k and he was pretty good.