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Thread: Manny Pacquiao v Terence Crawford

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    Default Re: Manny Pacquiao v Terence Crawford

    Quote Originally Posted by powerpuncher View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SlimTrae View Post
    If it happens, Crawford actually is in a lose-lose scenario. Pac has done far too much for far too long for this to be seen as anything other than a swan-fight.
    Crawford stops him? Pac is old- Would I buy that? Hell yes- I would even sell it myself!

    If Pac goes the distance- but loses, Crawford can be depicted as fizzled, not flame. Young fighter with no fire to match Pac's. He had to go the distance with a 40+ year old fighter JMM stopped?

    Only way I can see Bud getting any respect- is if Pac is on fire that night, moving, sticking, but figured out every other round...and if he wins a fire fight where Pac looks good- then we can say- Just imagine if Pac had fought him 3,4 years ago- Oh he would've stopped Bud!

    Not sure who could fight Pac & win, that I would give them the credit for beating the Filipino Dream Fighter.

    I digress, I would watch it though!
    I disagree. I think beating Pacquiao (especially if he easily wins) boosts him big time with casual fans. That in turn will make him an even bigger draw. And knowledgeable fans know at least that Pacquiao is still a solid fighter and it would be a good win. If Crawford struggles but still wins then it probably looks a little worse.
    Yeah, I gotcha- casual fans!!!
    and if he wins as u say--- and struggles in the process? Powerpuncher is gonna detail it- round by round! he aint gonna miss sh#@!t!
    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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    Default Re: Manny Pacquiao v Terence Crawford

    Unreal..Crawford is 32 and needs big fights now..sick of this guy not fighting anyone.

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    Default Re: Manny Pacquiao v Terence Crawford

    Two fights ago I had hoped Pacquiao would retire for good before 40. Watching him against Thurman, taking a couple of big shots, wow! I don’t think that anymore. I’ve seen him working on his power in training and he looks like he’s matured into weight. Who ever he fights next I’m all in.

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