The other day I watched an event with an Asian woman doing katas, really nice. Crowd going wild. But I couldn't help but wonder, what happened that Asians known for introducing martial arts to the world can't seem to win one event.

Every single Shao Lin dude has been beaten up, down, ass whooped, kicked, stomped. I wonder sometimes how do Asians feel knowing they have yet to hold a major trophy for combat.

Islanders, Americans, British, Irish, We have all won that coveted MMA championship, but whatabout Asians? Has even the Thai won any major title? Or just restricted to their homeland and rules?

Breakdancing- I think it is a mixture of Latin & African Americans...Blacks gave us this, yet it seems every single major battle is won either in Europe or in Japan LMAO!

Has a black team ever one any of these battles?

Black brought forth the rap game, yet Eminem is the top seller? And now I noticed Asians are not just rapping...damn what they are saying...I don't know whatmy own are saying....this chick here? She got skills
Are there any female black rappers on this level today?

This is meant to flip the script, not denounce. Just point out something that used to belong to one race or ethnicity -now it has been turned upside down!