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Thread: Anti semitism in the labour party.


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    Default Re: Anti semitism in the labour party.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beanz View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Lord Al View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Beanz View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Lord Al View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Beanz View Post
    Anti-Semitism is rife everywhere. Especially here on this forum all though a lot of that has gone now due to absence of a couple of posters. This poll and thread has nothing to do with anti-Semitism though.

    The only way to fight it is the same way you fight any form of bigotry or racism.


    Right now I am not sure what I think to be honest.

    I would never have voted for Blair pre or post Iraq and I would rather have someone more radical like Corbyn than Starmer, but as a pragmatist who is more concerned about the criminal neglect of the shower running this country, right now I would vote for Starmer. When Starmer was the Chief Crown Prosecutor he impressed me when he came to our office. He made a point of talking to secretaries, bag carriers, admin staff,case workers and law clerks like myself for a long time, before talking to the solicitors and barristers, and he implemented changes, that if they were funded better would have helped transform the service. He was a fantastic human rights lawyer, but you would not have liked him Al. He spent 20 yrs trying to end the death penalty in many countries where you would have sided with a criminal like Patel and dragged this country further back into the dark ages in supporting her moves to reintroduce it here.

    Those on the left blaming everything on Israel are as as stupid as those claiming all cops are bastards. That does not make Long Bailey a rotten apple, far from it.

    In fact you Al yourself are incredibly anti-Semitic, and unwittingly very, very proud of that fact.
    Hebrews and Arabs are both Semites. Cousins. Both Descendants of the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and so anyone thinking that they can be Islamaphobic and not anti-Semitic is mistaken. A little odd then, that you would suddenly be more worried about people you have no respect for, than holding to account a government you voted for allowing more people to die in England, than were killed in the Blitz. In the face of that, your two England flags seem like little more then empty posturing if that is not enough for you to question those in power.

    Bailey dragged her feet and retweeting what she did was daft so I understand the pressure to make a point.

    People have difficulty separating Israel and Jewish and with good reason. El Kabong and a lot of Americans do not seem to understand quite how many Jews inside and outside of Israel hate what it has become. There are a lot of people on the left who can not distinguish between the two. So they think it perfectly reasonable to criticize the very existence of a state that was set up to celebrate the very values of tolerance they claim to love. Right now the country of Israel is run by a bastard who should be long gone.

    I get that you hate Corbyn because you like the easy fall back of claiming there are rotten apples everywhere, even when you were given an alternative. You think the Labour Party under Corbyn are Ugly and your own bigotry is what? Pretty or Priti?

    Firstly this thread isn't about me or anyone else on the forum, it was a topical question to all who post here.
    Not sure why you take all posts here personally or feel you are here to change the world.
    I have never said anywhere that I liked Starmer, in fact the labour party are welcome to him, but surely he is a better option than Corbyn?
    If that isn't the case then why is Corbyn not still the labour leader ?
    As for Wrong Daily she will have to sit in the back benches, and think about what she has said lol.
    So if your unsure at the answer to the poll dont bother to post in this thread with your garbage and finger pointing, start you own thread and feel free to say whatever you like.

    So I repeat -

    1. Does the labour party have a problem with anti Semitism ?
    2. Did Corbyn in a skirt deserve to be sacked ?

    That's if you want to join in the thread.
    I realise you are not a long time labour voter but of course you are free to answer the two questions.

    The thread is absolutely about you. Nobody else cares. That is why you are the only one to have voted in it.

    It is beyond ridiculous for you to be claiming it is about anything but your obsessive anti-Corbyn deflection from far more pressing issues.

    1. Does the labour party have a problem with anti Semitism ?

    1. NO

    2. Did Corbyn in a skirt deserve to be sacked ?

    2. YES

    1. Everywhere does, but the accusations against a lifetime anti-racist leading the party in Corbyn were mostly an orchestrated smear campaign conducted by the papers who convinced gullible people like you to believe them, and vote in the monsters we have now. so..NO

    2. If you can't respect the woman enough to even give her her name (much like your dissing of Ali by calling him Clay) then why are you pretending that you care? YES The person who wrote the article she tweeted, admitted her mistake, and that is was anti-Semitic, and Rebecca Long Bailey could not bring herself to admit that. Generalizations and half the garbage you come out with, do not help, so quite why you would be interested either way is more then a bit suspect.

    It certainly isn't just an innocent topical question
    It is called trying to understand how others who vote differently felt about the labour party and this incident.
    I would absolutely prefer if Corbyn , Abbott and Wrong Daily where still at the helm of the labour party because it was great entertainment. ( a fact shared by the British voters ).
    You answered NO to the anti Semitism in the labour party however you didnt answer if she should have been sacked.
    So are you saying she didn't support an anti Semitic quote ?
    If so has she got grounds for wrongful dismissal ?
    Also in a previous thread you wrongly claimed i called Clay Clay because of me being racist and it was his slave name ( untrue it was his birth name ).
    You now compare that to calling an inept and sacked politician Wrong Daily to me calling Clay by his birth name.
    This isnt the same at all and once again you talk crap.
    Do not turn this thread into one of your pathetic name calling games, the questions are there so we can determine the results to the poll.
    I know you are one of lifes professional victims but it is very simple thread to follow.
    As i said if you want to start a thread on any subject feel free that is what the forum is for.

    Fuck you Al.

    I am anything but a professional victim and that is what irks you.

    I answered both your questions if you simply read instead of assuming stuff.

    If you are not even going to give someone as great as Ali the respect to use the name he chose, you are an arrogant bum. Bum of the month mate. A nobody. A tomato can. A no mark.

    You voted for a racist party lead by a racist American born anti-semitic twat and now you think you its ok to hide away.

    Why all the hostility toward me? All the bullshit about you and others being more English, repeating Jewish sterotypes, calling Fury a Pikey and now being his biggest fan because Joshua made you uncomfortable with your bigotry, why do you think El Kabong and Gandalf are forever calling anything they don't approve of cultural Marxism? They are anti-semitic like you and like Freedom was and like Smashup is, a fucking mod. Openly and blatantly with no shame and you are pretending that i am the one pretending to be a victim.

    I am still here mate. I am no bottle job, fuck that.

    You want to talk about anti-semitism, then i have every right to reply.

    You want to understand what a crock of shit most allegations of anti-semitism (often against Jews ffs) and Corbyn are, this may help you

    Fuck you Al...…………..
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm well that pretty much ends this conversation .
    The End.
    not much more to say.
    Last edited by Dark Lord Al; 06-27-2020 at 07:01 AM.
    Remember reality is an illusion caused by a lack of alcohol .

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