Hey Guys,

I put in an application for employment, but the folks had not called me back yet. Should I call them and ask what's up? Or let it slide. I REALLY want this job.

Just a note: I know the covid-19 has things shat up, but I put my application in from Jan 20 which was supposed to close at Jan 30 and I went back to the online portal, and realized that they changed the open period to span between Dec 2019 to Dec 2020. WTF?!?!

Should I call and ask about that? A friend of mine who works there says that they would be extending the open period, what should I do?

Someone told me to not call, because "people don't like that" but I really want to know and don't want to be waiting in vain for a job I know is suited for me.

What would you do?