Bruce Lee is legendary for his martial arts prowess and iconic fight scenes. Here are three of the most celebrated fight scenes featuring Bruce Lee:

Enter the Dragon (1973) - Final Fight Scene: In the climactic fight of "Enter the Dragon," Bruce Lee's character, Lee, faces off against the main antagonist Han (played by Shih Kien) in a mirrored room. This scene is famous for its choreography, intensity, and Lee's agile and precise martial arts moves.

Fist of Fury (1972) - Dojo Fight Scene: In "Fist of Fury," Bruce Lee's character, Chen Zhen, returns to his martial arts school to confront Japanese adversaries. The dojo fight scene showcases Lee's speed, agility, and powerful strikes as he takes on numerous opponents to avenge his master's death.

Way of the Dragon (1972) - Colosseum Fight Scene: In "Way of the Dragon," Bruce Lee's character, Tang Lung, travels to Rome and faces off against Chuck Norris's character, Colt, in a memorable fight at the Colosseum. This scene is iconic for its martial arts showdown between Lee's Jeet Kune Do and Norris's Tang Soo Do, highlighting Lee's combat philosophy and skills.

These fight scenes not only demonstrate Bruce Lee's exceptional martial arts abilities but also reflect his impact on martial arts cinema and popular culture, cementing his legacy as a martial arts icon.