Zoom Girls are just fine, we'll all be on tomorrow 7 pm UK Time as usual, all welcome, including Kyzer and Titan.

That is 2 pm EST for @walrus and 12 pm for @greynotsoold and 1 pm for @zoley --- @Dia bando has reported a broken down cremator and must go in at 5 a.m. tomorrow for a full day's work, and will try to make it by 7 pm UK but Im sure he will be "knackered" as you blokes say. And he needs the work because he is "skint". Also @Denilson3.0 has been missing in action for quite a while and @ryanman @SlimTrae we're all looking for your returns... drinks/spliffs in hand of course... @Dark Lord Al surely you will be there unless you're still in Utah. Taking on all comers, open bar, @Beanz no mixing grape and barley