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A few people contacted me about zoom. Yes I have issues with the product but I use that and teams more often than I care to mention, seems more business shit is switching to teams lately and tbh I’m jealous I didn’t get zoom stock like all the senators and congressman did when they heard covid was coming. Anyway my weekends are just too nuts. Nothing special just I often work a few hours then doing home improvement projects. Even zoom for losers fell apart. Now nice weather is finally here so there will be hiking and tag sales etc. so it’s not any issues with humanity it’s really a time thing. I’d like to join sometime as it’s always funny hearing British people talk funny like saying loo and other weird things.
You've never actually spoke to a British person have you? 'loo'? haha

Would be good if you joined one, but you haven't got the balls you helmet
@ryanman @Dark Lord Al @walrus Al was not blocked, there was no Zoom on the Mother's Day weekend scheduled. I have already informed Al The Truth of this ---Ryanman, you never answer WhatsApp messages over there in Rugby England --- dude put some bread into that TOASTER bwaahahaha @walrus have you tried IMperium? Its the new thing. Better than #BeaconCoin