Not had a thread on this for a couple of years.

Anyone watching?

Semis today. Selby v O’Sullivan and Wilson v McGill.

Wilson should coast home in his. He handled Trump fairly easily and had the benefit of not having to play the first 9 days of the tournament due to a bye in first round.

But Selby v Ronnie is the big one. Ronnie just too careless this year for me. Missing easy ones and as Hendry said last night for the first time he was watching a Ronnie whilst expecting an unforced error. Maybe age has finally caught up as concentration is the first thing to go. Crazy he’s been at the top or there about a now for 27 years. No secret he’s never enjoyed the long format of the world championships.

Selby on the other hand is back to his tactical, grinding best. I find him painful to watch but he has the perfect game to win the world title as is quite prepared to let a frame go on an hour plus rather than trying to make something happen. Will get to Ronnie mentally I feel even if Ronnie gets an early lead.

Still it’s been an ok tournament even without the fans.

Anybody ??