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Thread: Times you KNEW you existed

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    Default Times you KNEW you existed

    Do you have any times you KNEW you existed? Its not a lot of times, but it can be a few or so. DO you have a name? What is YOUR name? How can you know that you are existing right now, or that existence really is a THING? So are you saying you can exist and then STOP existing? How can that be? Either you are here or you're not. ONE cannot become ZERO and for sure ZERO does not contain anything in order to make itself ONE. Einstein said that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

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    Default Re: Times you KNEW you existed

    Beings of energy that constantly changes form.

    Thx goodness I don't remember swimming in my daddy's nutsack. Glad I don't remember the pain of pushing through my mom. Unfortunately, she remembers.
    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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