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Thread: Whyte v Povetkin 2

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    Default Re: Whyte v Povetkin 2 - Sky Sports - 21/11/20

    Unless a title shot falls in his lap he should walk away, have a nice Christmas and see Povetkin in the new year. There's an argument that it was too soon anyway. Why take another risk?
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    Default Re: Whyte v Povetkin 2 - Sky Sports - 21/11/20

    Quote Originally Posted by Memphis View Post
    Unless a title shot falls in his lap he should walk away, have a nice Christmas and see Povetkin in the new year. There's an argument that it was too soon anyway. Why take another risk?
    I was always sceptical of them having a rematch so soon.

    Top fighters don't tend to fight so close together these days, especially if they have a TV contract.
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    Default Re: Whyte v Povetkin 2 - Sky Sports - 21/11/20

    Kind of a tough spot. It's not as if Whyte is about to learn from the defeat, he doesn't stand to gain that much even if he settles up in style with Povetkin. If he can get a different scalp anyways it might make just as much sense to go for them rather than wait this out. As much as I wouldn't expect a repeat of the first result, if it did happen again that leaves Whyte kind of toast. Michael Hunter would be interesting, although that's probably even worse than a rematch with Povetkin in a risk reward sense. I don't see Whyte as much threat at all to Fury, for me that's easy work for the bigger man.

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    Default Re: Whyte v Povetkin 2 - Sky Sports - 21/11/20

    During new year, didnt want to get out of bed, so played a Teddy Atlas story telling session on his times training Povetkin.

    Even though it was over 2 hours long, I lasted the distance! You might want to play it in background and speed it up 2x while you do other things. An interesting listen.

    Povetkins team called Atlas when the fighter records is at early stage, still undeafeated

    Atlas sets up camp in US and Povetkin agrees to go. Atlas felt Povetkin was tied to the "motherland", but Povetkin made the effort.
    Atlas would agree to go to Russia outside of fights to continue training.

    Off his own back, Atlas goes to Russia for Povetkins Fathers funeral

    Some elements of Povetkin team are threatening and pushing for Povetkin to take bigger fights before he is ready.
    Povetkin team visit fight camp unannounced, Atlas feels life is threatened.
    Povetkins team agree to ask for permissions to enter the Fight camp in future

    During Training Povetkin, Atlas talks about an important moment of a fight where Povetkin will have to make a choice, and seize that moment in order to win, this is what make a champion.
    When Povetkin has his first ittle shot, that moment came and Atlas reminded him between rounds of the conversation.

    Klitchscko offer fight to Povetkin for 2 million, when Povetkin is 16-0 this doesnt happen.
    After Atlas training Povetkin gets Klitchsko fight for 6 million when Povetkin is at 24-0

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    Default Re: Whyte v Povetkin 2

    Whyte-Povetkin II: Heavyweight rematch confirmed for 6 March

    Briton Dillian Whyte will have the chance to get his revenge against Alexander Povetkin as Matchroom Boxing confirmed their rematch for 6 March.

    The Russian, 41, produced a stunning knockout win in the fifth-round of their WBC interim title bout in August.

    Whyte, 32, was originally set to meet Povetkin for a second time in late November 2020 at Wembley Arena.

    However, the fight was postponed after the the veteran Russian tested positive for Covid-19.

    "This is the fight of my career - the fight of my life," said Whyte.

    "I was ready to go in November. I can quickly accept defeat and a setback. I'm very adaptable. For me it was a loss, but I did a lot of good things.

    "It was a good fight [in August]. I think back on it, I should have jumped at him earlier. I let him back into the fight."

    Povetkin said he "felt great" having recovered from coronavirus and said he wanted another shot at a world title fight.

    Campbell Hatton, 19, son of ex-world champion Ricky Hatton, will make his professional debut on the same card.

    Promoters Matchroom also announced that Leeds fighter Josh Warrington will defend his IBF featherweight title against Mexican Mauricio Lara on 13 February.

    Warrington, 30, has not fought since October 2019 when he stopped Sofiane Takoucht in two rounds in the third defence of his belt. He was supposed to fight WBA champion Xu Can, but the Briton is now adamant the Chinese boxer does not want to face him and then challenged American WBC champion Gary Russell to a contest.

    Warrington also said he was excited about his forthcoming fight and was glad to be back in the ring.

    "This is meant to be the peak of my career - my golden years," he said. "Nobody could do anything about the pandemic - it came out of the blue."

    Meanwhile, Briton Lawrence Okolie, 28, will face Pole Krzysztof Glowacki for the vacant WBO cruiserweight title on 20 March. The contest was scheduled for last month, but had to be postponed when Glowacki tested positive for Covid-19.

    Northampton's Chantelle Cameron, 29, makes the first defence of her WBC super-lightweight world title against Puerto Rico's Melissa Hernandez on the undercard.

    Welterweight Conor Benn, 24, the son of former British world middleweight and super middleweight champion Nigel Benn, defends his WBA continental title against Canadian-Colombian boxer Samuel Vargas on 10 April.

    British Commonwealth middleweight champion Savannah Marshall, 29, will defend her WBO title on the undercard against a yet unnamed opponent.
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