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Ennis turning it up in 5th jarring Abreu and lands hard on the beltline, Abreu looks for a time out and ref says keep fighting. In turn Abreu hits Ennis in his Ennis Jr and both warned. Ennis walking in behind high shoulder guard and landing left hooks..and down he goes. Abreu flat and up at 8! Abreu not long for this. Beautiful inside right uppercut counter got the KD, very fluid
thats how steve forbes knocked out julio sanchez leon.

a while ago it used to be that, if you missed a right hand, you'd bring your right arm across your face, sort of like a face bar, so you could catch that counter in palm of your right glove.

if you watch all the old fights you will see guys doing that often. i think it might have something to do with how fighters used to throw that counter more often. it is nice to see someone that can still do that today, even if no one else knows how to keep from getting hit by it today.

Nice comparison between the two shots. However, my thoughts on the bottom one is that the guy throwing the right hand isn't doing so with any conviction and is almost expecting the upper counter..... so in effect he isn't putting much behind the right hand because he's avoiding the momentum that will leave him open for the counter. Instead, it looks like a shortened right hand immediately followed by the defensive position underneath the chin.

In the top picture Sanchez sold out on the huge right hand..... and kudos to Forbes for having the ability to lean away from it while maintaining his feet in position to deliver the classic counter.