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Thread: Unlikely Inspiration & Timely Luck that Made Greats

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    Default Re: Unlikely Inspiration & Timely Luck that Made Greats

    Great youtube series called Tales from the Tour Bus. Rick James, James Brown to name a few. They retell some outrageous things that led to their rise/demise.

    While most know James Brown Godfather of Soul began Funk, it would be his bassist William Bootsy Collins that left & took that Funk to George Clinton.

    What I did NOT know was how/why George started off doing that acid rock genre. Well based on this 2 minute clip; It was White Liberals @ Harvard that started this trek LOL!

    Initially he wanted to go the MOWTOWN route, but they werent on that level. One night playing for some college students...they were introduced to LSD!

    They didnt change their style- that was Bootsy, what they did change was them dressing regular, acting normal!!!!!

    This is how the Funk group Funkadelic started off playing acid rock & dressing outrageous! @NoSavingByTheBell @El Kabong @Spicoli @ykdadamaja

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