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Thread: Today In Biden Land

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    Default Re: Today In Biden Land

    Quote Originally Posted by TitoFan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post

    You do realize you have no audience here, right? But we'll try and dredge up a "rah-rah" Biden-Harris guy for you to ramble at.
    I'll bite- Peep this!!!

    Trump is the greatest president ever. I follow FOX now for everything and he is great and has good taste in sugarbabies who yank their hands from his tiny orange fingers as if to say eww!!! don't touch me diaperman!

    Like the right wing media said; Biden was in China's backpocket, his son is a coke-head and when we had a breath of fresh air- a real family, wholesome sons like Eric & Don & Ivanka and a president who alone can save this country. Dude fulfilled every campaign promise he ever said he would in every speech. Because never before in history has anyone been smart and perfect. FOX, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter & the entire right wing media media knew the guy was a democrat, friend to Clintons, and still asked him why democrats hate him so much. Pence is a great Vice President, doing a great job at the border-so what they are replacing border wall & not adding, why should right wing media point out there is a difference? none at all. And he wont go to Africa- cause it has shithole nations, so we only do European nations. Fuck everybody else. I’m not glad to say when under Clinton the national average gas price was $1.06 per gallon.
    It wasnt his doing, but six and a half years later, the national average gas price had jumped to $1.22, roughly 15% higher. -that was his fault & only right wing media was honest enough to point it out.
    And it wasn't Bush Jr, fault it rose under his was the effects of Clinton occuring a decade later...When President Bush took office on January 20, 2001, the national average gas price was $1.46 per gallon. Six and a half years later, on August 27, 2007= $2.76, roughly 89% higher. Thanks to right wing media that told us- it was Osama Bin Laden's fault, Clinton;s fault, Democrats were at blame for the price Dubya left us in gas.

    The biggest threat facing the US is global warming according to Exxon in the 1980s no we don’t call it that now- cause they let go of their findings & replaced climatologists with climate experts paid by right wing think Heritage Foundation. Just because everything changes, doesnt mean man can alter that process sending our coral reefs globally across oceans into an abyss of death unlike anything we've seen from previous cycles of climate change. Thanks to right wingers we know climate change can not be impacted by man, nor fossil can't harm the ozone layer, let alone impact our climate change be it global warming or what the bible tells us to take care of mother earth...what does that have to do with filling my tank up? Al gore does it!

    We needed a POTUS like Trump to repeal everything Obama did BUT NOT Same sex marriage- let him have that is the law of the land. God, nor Republicans care about the marriage law...cause if we did- we would have reveresed, repealed or tried...If we do that, what than can we blame democrats for? It is what we do! Thank god all those bad Obama lovers are gone and we can continue calling out gays in the democrats, then STFU whebn it comes to our own lesbians like Dick Cheney's daughter, to Alan Keyes daughter & the entire gay wing known as log cabin republicans...thx FOX, NEWSMAX for giving them there deserved privacy to suck each other's tallywacker. God dont mind, so as long as what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. We know; he's a registered republican.

    Let fagality ring loud- cause with Donald he -unlike obama who claimed he was for gays but wasn't...can show proof of our love to state terrorists were wrong to kille as I quote- "40 wonderful americans, just because they were a part of the LGBQT community-- finally we can hate and love fags at the same time, unlike Clinton who said dont ask dont tell..and all obama did was sign gay marriage into law...we trump worshippers will preserve it.

    Frig' those Biden lovers of racist pricks who hate our confederate flag...cant they see it is only bad when it is used by democrats in the 1950s aka dixiecrats, but when we use it...hell it is to preserve our history...thank you don for preserving a history of hate, bias, predjudice, racism all in Jesus name.

    Joe unlike Don hadn't done great things - I ask could Obama or Biden do this?

    Biden can't give peaceful rallies- just look at the video above- where God loving peaceful people hone their wall climbing was to show how in shape we are...but the liberal media claimed we were trying to prevent an election, liars.

    Under Donald our country came together as one. No more problems. But Joe and his president kamilka, kaquitta or whatever negro names they give themselves, are the ruin of our society. Pimpin Don, Maralago Don, Pay a porno bitch Don, Don aka; Kim's lover- cause Don said: they fell in love...yet no love from those dems, they are so not understanding how much the world loved Don....not Joe...doesnt it show below?

    Joe aint doing no damn good. We don't need a year or two to tell ya, he was fucking up from day one....just look at how he cant walk up a flight of steps..
    Why must we hold both parties accountable? Why hold both right wing and mainstream media when we can look down at liberal news when they screw up and just overlook it when right wing screws up. We can recite the same shit we recite every election. Dems are fucking up the country, liberals, comunism, socialism, so what we want to cancel the history of slave trade and call it triangular what we wanted to cancel barney the dinasour, they wanted to cancel Potatoe from being a (mr. potato) what a kid can do it themselves and take his nose off, dick off, whatever...let the kids do it, not democrats. So what we kept funding planned least we prevented those dems from forcing God loving orgs like hobbylobby from having to service women with more than just abortion.
    So what Rand Paul & the party killed the budget for Benghazi & bragged. So what we asked for no wall funding from 2010-2018....waited for us to lose Congress,---that was the only time to ask for 5 billion- even though Don said it would cost 25 least when he was fucking up the country he did it with love. Biden does it because he just hates America. And just Like we loved hating Michelle, we aint got no problem hating a black woman who did everything we say should be done to blacks when they brake the law- incarcerate them. It makes us patriotic, but it makes her proof- blacks only want democrats- even if they lock them up as we do to them.

    Last edited by SlimTrae; Yesterday at 11:36 AM.
    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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    Default Re: Today In Biden Land

    Good idea, Slim. Think I'll leap on that bandwagon.

    Let us have a moment of silence for the (stolen... till the cows come home) end of the GREATEST PRESIDENCY THE UNIVERSE HAS EVER KNOWN. Damn the haters. At no time in the history of the galaxy has there ever been a POTUS more bent on uniting the people of this great country. That's all he ever talked about. US... US... US. Amazing how he constantly put everyone else's interests ahead of his own. He gave the term "public servant" new meaning.

    We also lost the only President to ever "KNOW MORE ABOUT EVERY TOPIC KNOWN TO MAN THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD." How comforting to know that whether it was...

    1. Epidemiology
    2. Hurricanes
    3. Windmills
    4. Foreign policy
    5. Border control
    6. Vaccines
    7. (You name it)

    ... we had a President that knew more than anyone else. Advisors my ass. The guy had no need for them. But we never truly learned to embrace and appreciate that.

    The very same Electoral College that ensured his victory in 2016, when wicked Hillary actually won the popular vote.... suddenly turned crooked, and corrupt, and ineffective... in stealing the 2020 election from him. And haters have the NERVE to claim "double standard." How could a Bible-toting, humble, non-combative soul like the former POTUS ever be accused of something as evil as "double standards"?? Sickening, I tell ya.

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    Default Re: Today In Biden Land

    liberalism is a mental illness

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