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Today In Biden Land, After 4 years of no talk of spending constraint it is now the Right Wing Mantra.

*Republicans have criticized the bill as being too large and wasteful

*“Too often, lawmakers in Washington pass bills without having time to read them before they vote.

1st two budgets under Donaldict were a 2,000 pager and 2,200 pager, He stated no one read it...where was Ron Johnson at?

Republicans back to their usual offer nothing- just oppose. When Democrats do it, they hurt the nationl, when they do it they're helping the nation.

So Johnson of Wisconsin forced a reading of 600 pages. Now here is what puzzles me. even though many Republican elected officials agreed, guess how many stayed to listen?

Other than Ron?

Nevertheless, the measure is eventually expected to pass
So I'm to believe that there's absolutely nothing in the bill worthy of opposing? Is that what you're telling us?