TV news are no longer to be believed. ANY channel. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS are all anti-Trump biased networks. Can't believe a word they say. Fox News is just as bad... but to the other side. They LOVE Trump... and of course can't be believed either. Those who watch TV for their news are now lumped in with those who believe the Earth is flat round flat round... whatever. Sheeple.

Social media is no better. You got your Media Bias sites... but who's "bias checking" them? And who's "bias checking" the ones checking on the "bias checkers"? And.....

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day, and even have their own vocabulary (which you all better brush up on... lest you be labeled as sheeple). Amazing how spellcheck didn't even flinch at "sheeple."

That DOES it!!

There's only one way to get your "true" news, unbiased and truthful........ in person.

Yes... that's all that's left, folks.

You want the real scoop? You gotta go in person to where the news is at. Don't watch TV for the news. Forget social media. Go out and see it for yourself.

It's gonna get real expensive, but wtf.....

Me... I'm gonna start choosing my media outlets more carefully and only after thorough analysis.

Whoever starts using hot news commentators in skimpy tops and tight pants..... THOSE are going to be my trusted news media.